Thursday, January 17, 2019

My own family are the only nes who did anything wrong here...

They are at fault .. and need to be punished... They are forcing a man to kill me who doesnt want to kill me so he refuses me health care and forces me inside the house ..  .. then they lied to everyone about it. .

They magnetically divided my body into sections and gave them personalities andthen conditioned them to hate me .

As my family was trafficking me once in reality and once in virtual reality ( this is where I was supposed to get healthy and recover ... a bunch of us were supposed to .. but the hayse family instead went with homeless people and traveled inside our bodies  eating all of us and i have evidence sent by anonymous that Anne went into my head and stole the music technology so kim hogg could sing and that she followed me and the casino to familys that had sex slaves or simular type people and they payed them to go far out of time and space pretend to be my family and keep torturing their kids so that they could have a future.

Is this true Anne Hogg ?
Its Computer Generated Mggullins disease ( meaning its psychsematic) however they try to cover it by givving you maggots half way through , (tyler Pothicary and West Coast amusments)

So I suggest you get Ivermectin. Go to your family Doctor ask for a script for Ivermectin and say youare going to the USA to get it filled however you can buy it online and its compounded within 24 hours in Barnaby.

But it is legal to do it this way so no actual worries.

If you have to go to the usa with a canadian script ..
this is what my family doctor did for me .

Monday, December 31, 2018

I know that in our sleep we are busy building a heaven or that is how the last 15000 years of humanity has been doing in their sleep .

I know that without being religious and using these words inclusivly heaven is working with hell and this means that both of them want the same thing..... A place for peoples souls after death ..SO why when we are working in our sleep while alive are we getting nowhere.

I can tell you ...
Dan richard mitchell
HBitcoin and trade of bit-coins are a way for the USA to illegally control e the stock market ie  a way of govt insider trading on natural resources .. the reason - well they are going to try to cover it with anonymous investigation claim errorism and state national security reasons for privacy.... they claim now that they were caught that the war machine was put on hold so they are finding cash elsewhere but lets explain

\With others doing the forecast of natural resources the usa can have us forget their massive debt which is ... wait how come anyone lends them money in the first place ... what government actually lent the USA govt anything ??? so did they steal just like this massive robbery of Canada ... \

Yes the target  is Canada ... They told their health system conveniently to use our bodies when we protected Russia ( yes this is why Russia was a target - they were going to use their bodies for California .......
anyways so The USA is using bit trade in natural resources to predict the market and there bang - insider trading but it is the government .... this time meaning are they paying their debt with this new source of cash flow or are they continuing to control the Canadian economy with the film industry .. this is why .. when the dollar is down they come up and film in bc and Quebec ... then when the Canadian dollar is up they stay in California or wherever so the Canadian govt makes all these incentives for them to come up to film... ( is it a joke the Queen is making a movie ) ? or an insult ...

So the next thing is the space race.... this is our govt and the police selling me to the USA in order to steal from russia..... this is how ....

The canadian government keeps me so unwell and right next to death that russia sents remote health care that is stolen by the USA for the "space Race" which they both know is an actual race ...

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